A1 Fire Protection is an approved distributor for Jalite, the UK’s leading manufacturer of photoluminescent fire safety signage. This includes:

Photoluminescent Safety Signs
The Loss of power and illumination in the event of an emergency can cause panic and confusion for the evacuee. Jalite products, when used effectively to locate, identify and instruct on all aspects of fire safety management can make a major difference in an emergency situation.

Photoluminescent Paint Systems
Jalite photoluminescent paint systems are used for customised safety way guidance. Although predominantly used on floors, the paint can also be applied to walls making for safer and speedier evacuation of a building in the event of low light due to fire.

Low Location Lighting
Jalite AAA low lighting proximity location lighting system is designed to illuminate escape routes under a power failure or should smoke obscure ceiling lights

Stairway & Floor Identification
Jalite AAA stairway and floor signs are required to ensure evacuees can quickly inform emergency services of their location should they require assistance. It is also recommended that identification is utilised for both the inside and outside of stairways.

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