Fire Alarm Detection Systems

Identifying the threat of fire to alert your buildings occupants of danger.

One of the key aspects of fire protection is identifying any outbreaks of fire in your premises and alerting the occupants and the emergency services.

It‘s vital that the systems in place are adequate for the size and layout of the building and number of potential occupants thus ensuring the safety of you staff and visitors. This is not only good practice but falls within your legal obligation of providing a safe workplace in event of the threat of fire.

At A1 Fire Protection we specialise in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of fire alarm detection systems for all sizes and types of commercial buildings. We also provide ongoing service and maintenance plans which include regular tests to ensure that the systems in place continue to function correctly and provide ongoing protection and safety.

Our knowledgeable engineers have years of professional experience and can install a wide range of full integrated systems that are tailored to your individual needs including:

  • Addressable systems – Each device has its own identification number (address).- Your main panel will tell you exactly which device has detected the fire. Devices are wired onto a single loop, so less cabling is used. Isolation modules are fitted onto this loop, so that if there’s a short circuit, the system will continue to function, and only a minimal part will be lost.
  • Conventional systems – Detectors are wired into zones - You can trace the general area of a fire detected. Devices are wired in a radial circuit with end of lines installed at end device
  • Wireless systems – Wireless fire alarms are ideal where cabled systems aren’t practical. In temporary, listed or historical buildings, a wireless fire alarm system is where signals are transmitted across a radio frequency instead of wires. You’ll find that they’re faster and easier to install. You’ll also find it easier to maintain and update the system; devices can be disconnected, relocated or replaced without the hassle of disconnecting the wires.

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