Fire Extinguishers

The first line of defence in tackling fires...

The fire extinguishers in your buildings fulfil a vital role as a first line of defence against the threat of fire.

They give the occupants an opportunity to combat small fires and hopefully stop them from spreading. However, there are many things to consider when deciding which type of extinguisher to install such as:

Ensuring the right types of fire extinguisher are installed
As there are many types of fire (such as paper, electrical and chemical), there are different types of extinguisher to tackle specific situations. Ensuring the right type of extinguisher is present is vital for the protection of your staff and property

Getting the numbers and location right
The fire extinguishers available in your workplace should reflect the size of building and also the numbers of occupants. Also, the layout of the workspaces should be considered.

As you can imagine, this shouldn’t be left to guesswork which is why at A1 Fire Protection we can not only supply, install and commission a wide range of fire extinguishers but also offer the best advice on type, quantity and location. This can be as part of an overall fire protection strategy, included in a Fire Risk Assessment or an ad-hoc basis.

Our service technicians can provide routine testing and scheduled maintenance for all the fire extinguishers we supply and install. They are all uniformed and carry ID cards and unlike other companies, are not commission based or work to sales targets.

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