Emergency Lighting

Guiding your building’s occupants to safety in case of fire

If the worst was to happen and fire breaks out on your premises, it is a legal requirement to have emergency lighting to provide a guide to emergency routes and exits for your workforce and visitors.

Non domestic buildings must be safe for their occupants at all times and this includes when the main power supply fails. Emergency lighting use an alternative power source making them impervious to any outside interference and should be an essential part of your fire protection strategy.

At A1 Fire Protection we supply and install a wide range of LED lighting which are low energy, highly efficient and have a long service life making the ideal for all types of workplace and commercial building. These can be supplied on an individual basis or as part of an integrated system that encompasses all aspect of protection from the threat of fire

We also provide regular testing and scheduled maintenance checks to ensure that the emergency lighting we have installed continues to function correctly and will work immediately should the need arise.

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