AOV (Automated Opening Vents)

Automatically disperse smoke in the event of fire

The danger of inhalation of smoke should be a major factor in determining how to keep your staff safe in the event of fire.

After all, it remains the most significant threat to life and should be taken into strong consideration when planning your fire protection strategy.

AOVs (Automated Opening Vents) are a proven means of ventilating smoke from protected corridors and lobbies in a fire situation. These AOV’s can range from automated roof hatches and louvres, to end of corridor wall mounted vents and internal smoke shaft doors.

At A1 Fire Protection we provide the complete service including assessing the risks, designing a system to suit your needs through to installation and commissioning. We also provide routine testing and scheduled maintenance to ensure the system is fully functioning and will work perfectly should it be called upon.

Our highly skilled and professional engineers can supply and install a range of associated products including:

  • Ventilation units
  • Control panels
  • Test functionality
  • Sensors & alarms
  • Actuators

To arrange a quotation or more information about the AOV systems we provide contact us today. Call 01293 560987 and speak to one of our friendly team or alternatively, complete the form below to send an email enquiry: