An annual fire equipment review at Colas

article by: A1 Fire Protection at: 25 August 2015 under:

We recently carried out a full service of fire protection equipment at Colas, the transport infrastructure business, at its head office in Rowfant, Crawley.

This was an annual inspection of their equipment, which is part of our contract with them to not only install equipment but to make sure it is fully maintained and serviced in line with industry standards.

It is our version of carrying out an MOT and full annual service on a car, to make sure that the equipment is in full working order. Ensuring that the equipment is up to the job is vital – potentially lifesaving.

In this case we installed a fire extinguisher and carried out a full fire alarm, emergency lighting and fire extinguisher test.

On an annual basis, we carry out a full “drain down” of the emergency lighting for our clients, which takes about three hours, to make sure that it would last long enough in an emergency. We provide a full report to the electrician who manages the building, which would highlight any problems.

Tests on the fire alarms and emergency lighting must be carried out every six months, sometimes quarterly depending on the type of industry using the building, and annually for fire extinguishers. We supply this type of annual service on hundreds of buildings across London and the South East, whether we installed the original equipment or whether we are taking over the contract to do so and, initially, making sure the equipment is services at the appropriate intervals.

So whether you need your regular survey of equipment or need new equipment – from fire blankets to emergency lighting and extinguishers for a variety of scenarios – give us a call for a quote on 01293 560987 or email